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Wachovia Corporation (Wells Fargo)

2006 2010

Manager - Capacity Management, System Performance, & Optimization Services

Recruited to lead 3 geographically dispersed teams that provide capacity planning, system performance, and optimization services to all business units. Managed $130 million cost recovery pool. Staff: 15 direct reports plus 20 matrix.

Partnered with development and infrastructure teams to optimize resource usage. Developed solutions that fulfilled SLAs, reduced unit cost by 23%, and achieved annual cost avoidance of $12.3 million.

Coauthored System z architecture strategy, company's first. Assured integration of components and the leveraging of new functions. Achieved performance, availability, scalability, and cost objectives.

Created strategy to improve workload management and capacity planning. Within 12 months, improved server utilization by 21% and achieved annual cost avoidance of $9 million.

Equipped team members to perform multiple functions and communicate effectively thereby eliminating multiple support risks for critical services.

Developed strategy to reengineer performance database and billing system. Achieved full recovery of cost pool, error-free billing, and 75% reduction in support time.