First Chicago
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First Chicago NBD (Bank One / FDR)

1997 2000

Vice President - Technical Services Manager

Recruited 2 years into development project to turn-around performance and demonstrate scalability of a $100 million Hogan bankcard system. After merger, scalability goal increased from 20 million to 100 million accounts.

Created strategies and built partnerships with vendor, technical, and business leaders. Led staff of 52 (45 matrix, 7 direct reports) organized into 5 cross-functional teams. Major achievements included:


Built complete environment at remote facility and conducted 3 full-scale benchmark tests.

Improved CPU usage 27%. Avg. response time: Call center 0.34 sec, Authorizations 0.28 sec.

Verified ability to process 40 million accounts. Modeled processing of 170 million accounts.

Trained data center teams and implemented new infrastructure.