Lands' End
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Lands' End, Inc.

2002 - 2005

Senior Manager - Database and Infrastructure Services

Recruited shortly after acquisition by Sears. Managed teams that supported mainframe hardware, software, storage, recovery, performance, and capacity planning. Directed DB2 and Oracle design, implementation, and support. Provided recovery services for distributed systems. Managed $10.5 million budget. Staff: 13 direct reports plus 15 matrix. 

Appointed to IT Steering Committee. Evaluated business cases, prioritized projects, and authorized resources. Assured that high priority projects received appropriate resources.

Equipped staff to efficiently handle project and support requests thereby eliminating all delays.

Persuaded management of need to replace long-standing vendors. Negotiated contracts that secured new functionality, reduced storage cost by 60%, and saved $153,000 annually in performance monitor fees.

Sponsored improvement projects. Optimized DB2 performance by 10% and eliminated all database errors. Established Oracle operational standards. Provided up-to-date Oracle, DB2 and z/OS software.